About us

TECON srl established in 1998 is specialised in the production of BLADES FOR SKIVING MACHINES for use in the footwear, leather goods and furnishing industries.
Based on the many years of experience of our managers in this particular sector, our company has always endeavoured to offer customers a product characterised by high quality standards. We have achieved this target due to the choice to specialise in the development of this product, therefore to fully concentrate on:

the choice of the steel and materials
accuracy throughout production
ongoing development of production methods
tests and controls during the manufacturing process
utmost care to our customers’ requirements

TECON can provide a selected range of complementary products:

KNIVES for skiving machines | GRINDING WHEELS for skiving machines and splitting blades | FEED ROLLERS for skiving machines | Dressing and burr removing STICKS | FEET for skiving machines | Splitting BLADES

All this in order to obtain optimum features for our blades in terms of hardness, tolerance precision and balancing during rotation.
Thanks to these qualities our blades can warrant:

Outstanding life
Quick and easy machine set-up
High skiving quality